Jul 29, 2009

Throwing down the gauntlet

Well, here I am again, after my 4 month hiatus. My niece has "challenged" me to blog once per week. I know I should blog more. I actually enjoy it, really I do. The problem is that I don't have anything interesting to say (consistantly, that is). I have no actual experiences. Just stuff other people tell me or I hear about somehow. No interests; I go nowhere, see no one. (sigh)

So SHE says, "Why don't you blog about the camping trip we took to Lake Almanor? If you blogged about it, then I wouldn't have to." Don't try to kid me Miss Angelee. You'd blog it all whether or not every single person in the country blogged it (by your own admission, blogging is your "crack").

So anyway, I told HER, "I just don't want to look pathetic. Look at poor pathetic Jo; she doesn't have her own family so she has to blog about other peoples." To which SHE promptly replied, "WE ARE YOUR FAMILY. IT WOULD BE OK TO BLOG ABOUT US! NO ONE WOULD THINK IT WAS PATHETIC" Whatever, Angelee... However you want to twist it.

And that's when the challenge came in. SHE said, "You should try to blog once per week." To which I replied, "I wish I would. I would like to. I love it so much." (Oh and get this: Not only does SHE want me to blog once per week, SHE also wants me to use pictures too... Next SHE'LL tell me she expects it to be interesting. How difficult can SHE make it? Once per week? And pictures? I have no pictures... (SHE has everything; I have nothing).

So here's a picture in which I look good (I'm on the left). Of course it was years and years ago... But that 's not the point.


  1. jo, I am so proud of you. Did you use that picture to get back at me?

  2. I would like to say that you are hilarious Jo but you offended me on my blog :) Lets be honest, I like offensive people! By the way, you could have told about your yard sale, I was very entertained listening to you talk about that activity.

  3. Jo... is that really you? I thought you were out of the country getting a face lift or something. It is so good to hear from you again. And you are very entertaining to read... but then again, I am your sister so I would be ultra supportive, regardless, probably.

    Hey Jo... you know what we should talk about on this silly blog... the Twilight Series. There are probably a number of people out there in cyber land who have an opinion on this subject and I'll bet none of them know what a NUT you are about it... and we know this would leave HER out of the conversation. not that we want to leave HER out... but she could not one up you at all... she being Queen of the Bloggers. In fact she would lift her nose as if she was smelling the stink of a werewolf and turn her head in disgust. So...maybe other people would have an opinion on Emmett or Jasper or imprinting... Ree Ree


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