Jul 31, 2009

the %$#@*&} patio

Ok, so if I blog again today, then I am caught up through next week. Or is that cheating, Angelee? Whatev… take me out and shoot me. (please?)

Big news: We finished our patio. We had a pretty patio summer. And it's a collective "WE," WE, as in the entire family finished our patio(s).

First Angleee (of course) started it all with HER beautiful artfully shaped, stained and stamped concrete work of art.
Here's the concrete inspector taking an unannounced look at the finished product

Then my sister jumped in with her beautiful natural stone with decomposed granite patio walkway (installed single handedly by her un-sung and underappreciated yet generous and magnanimous little boy, Sammy – with the help of his wing-man, the very patient and long-suffering “D”.)

MaRee's stone cold patio

My baby nephew threw in his creation which was perhaps the most creative. He built a cabana-type structure on the deck of his second floor condo (shhhh….). Yours truly helped him with that, handing him tools and sweating in the hot July heat.

(no photo yet of the undisclosed location... )

And ours is finished now too. And may I say that ours too was graced by the loving, hard-working, and generous hands of Sammy (and wing-man “D”). It would not have been possible to do it this summer without his help, encouragement and hard work during the hottest week (so far) we have had in July.

After Sam’s excruciating diligence on the excavating, compacting and leveling of the undercarriage, Darryl went to work on the visual piece; the actual stone laying (and individual leveling). He also worked in one of the hottest weeks in July – but was able to do so by taking advantage of the very generous Furlough Fridays, graciously donated by our Dear Governator.

Heres the nit-picky job foreman inspecting the first part of the stone laying

And here's the finished product

So there you have it... 3 fine examples of Americans capturing and destroying open natural space and turning it into cold hard evidence of our continuing encroachment and domination of the wild lands of planet earth. (And one guy who built a cabana.)

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  1. Wow Jo... I think your pics and comments are entirely accurate. I couldn't have done better myself, probably. While some people create art and patios with concrete and stone, your creations are with words. Good job! We are all looking forward to your next posting. We are all waiting with bait breath.


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